Sunday, August 2, 2009

Famous Chicago Cold and Flu Liquid: A Follow-Up

Some time back I issued a warning regarding certain companies to avoid. One B. T. Winningthorpe (alternate spelling: Winningthrope) took offense and wrote to me some sort of rambling family saga of loose associations and some rather boring and mostly irrelevant history. I believe he was under the impression that I would extract some sort of sympathy for him from this tale and understand his "reasons" about why his business has gone awry. Further independent investigations by myself and my loyal postman have revealed that the Famous Chicago brand is actually the third incarnation of what was originally Blythe Corn Syrup Factory and Corn Medicine Shoppe. You may remember this product:

Bythe Corn and Sulfate Starch Thrombosis Powders:

"As Sulfate Would Have It"

It was quickly removed from druggist's shelves for false advertising (as a joke or entertainment, per the US Food and Drug Act.)

Next came Improved Chicago Lung Paste:

"Expectorant Only the Best"

This product too was forcibly discontinued for mislabeling. It was, in fact, not improved and was determined to be more of a salve than a paste.

I make no apologies for providing the public with true facts and certainly make no apologies to groveling humbugs. Or hysterics.