Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ode to Jimmy Olsen, Superman's Best Pal

I would now like to recount for you (with 73% precision!) my recollection of the events which take place inside my favorite installment of the adventures of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, the greatest pal of a superhero known to modern literature (or anyone):

There is an evil genius who is angry at Superman. In a fit of evil, he gives Jimmy Olsen (cub reporter) Aquaman's powers! Jimmy Olsen becomes Jimmy Olsen, King of the Sea, and he swims around in a little furry bathing suit with all the maritime creatures who are now his friends.

Jimmy Olsen, King of the Sea (official royal portrait)

But disaster strikes! Jimmy is marooned on a desert island. Now that he has Aquaman's powers, he needs water to breathe! Jimmy might die!

Fortunately, his best friend Superman hears his desperate cries from hundreds of miles away and he flies over to save him. Conveniently, Superman flies through some clouds on his way, and the only water anywhere is the droplets of condensation dripping down Superman's boots.

This is an example of a very compromising position for our young hero

In order to survive, Jimmy is forced to lick the water off Superman's boots!
Then they fly away somewhere and are best friends forever.

The End.

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